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The TED talk that changed my life

I loved drawing I thought I would grow up to be the next Picasso. When I discovered chess, I studied for hours every day aiming to become a grandmaster!

At some point, all I wanted was establishing a Non-Profit Organisation, but months down the line, I had an equal zeal for a profit-making business, completely abandoning the idea of a Non Profit making.

I hold in contempt for the idea of being a specialist. Not taking anything away from those who desire a Masters Degree and Ph.D. I have always found myself yearning for a variety of degrees, from Accounting to Law and maybe Graphic Designing.

This display of quick discontent and marauding curiosity had me worried I could be a drifting failure. I thought I exhibited traits of someone who was afraid of commitment. I was everywhere yet not really anywhere!

Thanx to the TED talk I recently watched, I got my Eureka moment. I am now at ease. I hope it will help you too before its too late. Watch below:

Why some of us don’t have one true calling: Emilie Wapnick

Food for thought: Are you a multipotentialite or a specialist?

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A Million Dollar Question And A Blank Mind

If Jeff Bezos walked into your office and offered you a million dollars to launch your best entrepreneurial idea, what would it be?

The above question appears on many internet articles as one of the odd questions ever asked in an Interview. My interest was merely on how it lured me to put my thinking cap on. I realised I did not have a ready and solid idea I could pitch for a million dollars. Poor me!

So surprising for a guy staying in a country where everyone is selling something. Every young person I have met in Zimbabwe is wondering about how to make money.

What shall we do to make money? All of a sudden everyone wants to be an entrepreneur in my country! Can we blame them? Unemployment is so high, statisticians have stopped tracking the percentage.

The saddest thing is many young people are falling into the trap of getting rich quick pyramid schemes. They are soon duped of their hard earned cash.

So it was refreshing last evening when I visited Impact Hub Harare and witnessed The Founders Live Volume 3 pitching contest. This is an event where 5 founders pitch their business ideas for 99seconds each. The audience decides who the winner is. Whoever wins walks away with an incubation deal from the Hub and many other rewards.

It was refreshing noticing that there are young people who are crafting great sustainable ideas not only to make money but to solve community problems too. The winner last evening was the duo behind Beezoo.Inc

Beezoo is an online library set to be a solution to hustles of printing and marketing books by authors. You can rent or buy a book and not worry about it depreciating into tatters since it can come in pdf format.

I loved what happens at Impact Hub Harare and I am going to frequent the place, maybe I will see you pitching at the next Founders Live. Meanwhile, let me find an answer for the million dollar question! 

What shall we do to make money?

Fellowships: What are they? Why should you apply?

What are fellowships?

These are short term opportunities, sponsored by different organizations such as NGOs, Foundations, and Universities, focusing on professionally developing individuals in a particular field of interest or study.  Examples are Mo Ibrahim, TED, Harambe, Obama Foundation Fellowship etc.


Fellowships are a great way of boosting your resume. They provide an opportunity to further develop your ideas 


Why bother applying

Fellowships bring in a whole life-changing package of benefits. 

Mo Ibrahim Fellowship
  • Funding. Most fellowships offer salaries, stipends or grants which are always handy to fellows.
  • Resources and Support. Once you become a fellow you begin to enjoy resources and support health insurance, guidance, mentorship and counseling offered by the fellowship.
  • Networking. Fellowships are a great way to meet new people in your field of interest. You will learn new ideas and forge lifetime partnerships that can prove vital for your personal growth.
  • Prestige. Fellowships are known for being rigorous and competitive in their selection process, so being a fellow surrounds you with an aura of being a tried and tested individual. This builds confidence in your abilities.
  • Exposure. Fellowships often involve traveling to another part of your country or world. You will be exposed to a new of doing things, surrounded by professionals in your field as mentors and facilitators.
    Takunda Chingonzo interviewed Barack Obama while on Mandela Washington Fellowship.
  • Professional Development. Fellowships are a great way of boosting your resume. They provide an opportunity to further develop your ideas be it in business, advocacy, lobbying, or studying depending on the type of fellowship you attend.



The application process often requires a lot of time to adequately finish compiling everything required.

Fellowships are competitive. They attract people with exceptional skills and abilities. You will have to put in extra effort to shine because of limited places.

You may be required to travel to a geographical location you do not like.


Where can one find Fellowships?

Check the following sites for regular updates on fellowships suitable for you


Opportunities for Africans

Opportunity Desk


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When I give you my CV

You might not know it but home does not feel like home anymore. Waking up feels like a crime, and I dread the break of dawn. I am forever reminded that I am unemployed.

Simple things like watching television make me feel guilty. I feel like I am to blame even when mealie meal gets used up. I feel bad for not being able to help.

Most people suffer accusations of not trying hard enough….

When I live my CV with you, I am hoping to finally repay with gratitude those who sacrificed their time and money to see me through to this age.

When I give you my CV, I am hoping to finally belong with others. To wake up and go the same direction with them and to return proudly in the evening, like them.

I once gave my uncle one of my CVs, I found it among his trash when I visited three months later. I am trying, a few friends seem to understand but some still call me lazy.

A number of people suffer from depression because of unemployment

I am not only looking for a job, I am also looking for redemption. I am searching for myself because I feel lost, depressed and irrelevant.

I am hoping yours is my last stop in a long time of knocking and asking . I am tired of being denied.

I wrote this piece trying to capture what people without jobs go through. Does it resonate with you? Do you have an experience to share ? Leave something in the comment box.

Why do I write

Writing is living twice, you live the experience, writing immortalises the lessons.

I do not regret all the words I have written, perhaps my only regret would be after being read ,my words fail to change someone’s life. I write to send my words in search of a home in someone’s heart.

I write because I want to make life easier for young people. I know how it feels to be young, unexposed and clueless. It is degrading and humiliating.

I could not help but notice how today’s society is killing the reading culture in young people. There is so much pressure about academic grades. Young people hardly have time to read anything else unrelated to their chosen career paths.

Social media has made the situation worse. Life has boiled down to chasing trends and hashtags. Young people no longer read to equip themselves, they are only interested in what gets them retweets and likes from people they do not know.

I am a marvel to many people, I seem to know something about every topic. The secret has been a consistent reading culture. I read to enhance my knowledge, so that I can be able to hold a conversation with anyone, at any given time, on any particular subject.

I write to spark a light in someone’s mind

I have had a lifetime of dipping my toes in various books, from business to philosophy, music, art, history and science. I have read about revolutions with the same avid interest I have had for poetry. It has been so rewarding. Reading has boosted my confidence, I am hardly intimidated when I meet new people, I know I can always find something to comfortably converse on. 

I write to inspire young people to explore life. I hope someone will read the stories I share and have a life shifting moment. I want young people to be knowledgeable on matters that concern their lives , dreams and welfare.

I write to live twice.

It’s not easy…

He who has a why to live for can bear almost anyhow

Viktor Frankl ( Man’s search for meaning)

At the 2018 Australian Open, Japanese tennis star, Naomi Osaka was ranked number 72 in the world. Fast forward to 2019, only a year later at the same tournament she became Number 1 seed!

From an outsider’s point of view, this is just another meterioric rise to first place; but Naomi knows how long the year between the tournaments had been because of the hours of work she had to put in.

It was not easy, so how did she do it?

I had dreams that I would win this tournament,and every time I have a dream I accomplish it

Naomi Osaka -2019 Australian open.

The secret to achieving anything is to first identify it as your goal. Make it your purpose. Live, eat , breath and day dream it, while busking in the feeling as though you have already achieved it.

This is the kind of imagination that will have you waking up to study or train for hours everyday. You can push yourself towards a work ethic you never thought you could manage. A burning desire can push you to break your limits.

Muhammad Ali made his “I am the greatest” speech at the age of 21 before he was the champion he later developed to be. Being the best is a decision you can make!

Naomi Osaka won the 2019 Australian open before even coming to the tournament. Showing up was a mere rehearsal formality towards fulfilling her dream. The tournament was won the moment she made it her goal and directed all her energy to training for it.

Identify your goal. Make it the reason you wake up everyday to do what you do. When it gets hard remember your why. The reason will help you to bear any pain on the road to realising your dream.

Photo credit / eurosport.