Tigashire! Hello!

 This is a Shona blog. 

A place where I share about the Shona tribe of Zimbabwe with the world. I am proudly Shona, of the Kore Kore dialect. My totem is Soko Wafawanaka (A Monkey).

My Shona people articles share the discoveries I am making everyday from research: conversations and questions held with Shona Elders, reading online articles and books written on Shona people. Where possible I credit my sources. I  invite you to journey with me on this adventure.

Shona people are story tellers.  In modern Shona homes people share ngano (folklore) to keep this culture alive. Rarely do you meet a Shona child who has never heard ngano. My short stories are an attempt to present this side about my people. My stories carry themes of everyday Shona living both modern and traditional.

My humble attempt to create an archive of such a great people as the Shona will always fall short. I hope through comments and discussions a lot of gaps will be filled.

It takes a village to raise a child, it takes a people to keep their cultural pride alive.


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