A letter from home

A letter from home

Being an adult is so hard. I imagined receiving a letter from my parents. This is the type of a letter that would uplift me .

Dearest Child

Your desire to be something bigger draws you to places that are so far away from home, we understand.

However, no matter where you go, remember to be intentional about everything, because in this life, every action has a reaction. Every decision you make has consequences, some are good, some are bad.

You will make many mistakes, you will fail so many times because things do not always go as planned. Do not despair, life is all about trying. No one has it all figured out. Neither did we in our time.

It is normal to feel clueless and pressured when everyone around you seems to be succeeding, Do not hurt yourself hurrying on other people’s time, we urge you to pursue things that make you happy bearing in mind that there is a time for everything and certainly everyone under heaven.

When life gets overwhelming remember you can always come home, for home, is where you do not have to explain who you are.

You are always in our prayers. May Jehovah grant you wisdom and serenity.

Sincere regards,

Your parents.

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