Just a few things before you start blogging

I will not talk about why I think blogging is something you should do. For that, read this post I wrote sometime back.


This blog that I currently have is my 5th blog. My previous four blogs failed! I realised time and again after posting four to six times that the idea I thought could sustain a whole blog was just an idea for a single blog post.

The experience had so many lessons. I now know that to create a successful blog one must have a stronger reason upon which to build their endeavour.

People have come to me seeking advice about starting a blog. When I probe on why they want to start a blog, 70% have replied that they want to make money online. My answer has always been the same: Blog about something you love. Passion is the greatest ‘why’ anyone can ever come up with!

An average reader spends 37seconds on a blog post.

There are over 500 million blogs on the internet, so whatever you may be thinking of blogging on, there are higher chances that someone is already doing it. How then, does your blog become a big thing?

A blog takes approximately two years of blogging to start rewarding the blogger with booming traffic, a loyal audience and some paid opportunities. Consistency towards longevity is key! Of the 500 million blogs currently existing on the web, very few survive more than two years, so outliving the experimenters is the real deal.

Most readers just skim through articles. Studies show that an average reader spends 37seconds on a blog post! It is important to employ tactics that presents your post’s most valuable ideas readily available to the scanning eye. Use pull quotes, photographs, infographics and always present it in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

You might say 37seconds is discouraging when compared to the amount of time a blogger spends creating a single blog post but, there is a startling discovery that comes with experience. Every seasoned blogger knows that if one person is reading, it’s enough to keep blogging.

Chartbeat a data analytics company that works with Time once tracked articles and realised there was only one tweet and eight Facebook likes for every 100 visitors You will be surprised to know how many people are reading what you write. WordPress analytics do not always tell the full story, neither do the few likes and blank comment spaces beneath each of your post.

There will be days when you will not have the motivation to create new content. If your blog is about what you love, seat with it for a while and read again all your previous posts. Appreciate yourself, think about why you started, inspiration will come again.

3 thoughts on “Just a few things before you start blogging

  1. Great post! I now understand why the @AfroBloggers twitter account is so successful. As you hinted at, it’s down to passion for what you do and determination to keep writing no matter what.

    Liked by 1 person

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