Technology cursor blessing?


Read this in Morgan Freeman’s voice…

The dreams of the past decades are today’s lived realities, thanks to technology. We commend all the medical breakthroughs, that has saved so many lives. We are amazed by cars that drive themselves. We celebrate artificial intelligence robots like Sophia and we are indeed appreciative of clean energy harvesting efforts worldwide. Above all, we thank God for the seemingly all-knowing Google.

However, just like in the garden of Eden man’ s yearning for advancement has come at a greater price.

Artificial intelligence has filled us with fear. Do we wonder if Sophia the robot is not going to take away our jobs? Already studies have shown that 47% of human jobs could be lost to robots in the future.

Mankind has turned technology as a weapon on each other. The effects of the 1945 atomic bombing of Hiroshima Japan were devastating and have continued for years after the war. Today the effects on births are being disputed but we ask: Why was such a bomb created in the first place?

We have become more disconnected in the physical spaces while pursuing a million connections online. We now prefer the company of absent strangers to that of physically present faces.

Photographer Eric Pickersgill in his project removed photoshopped phones away from his non-staged daily life photos. The results were so telling about cellphone addiction.

Removed by Eric Pickersgill

Man people have become like clothing pegs who must stay online or else they fall down to some doom. They cannot manage a day being offline!

Desperately online?

We are grateful for technology and what it enables us to do, however, this blessing can easily become a curse if not controlled, checked or left in the wrong hands. It is up to humanity to be consumed by things of their own making or to be elevated while enforcing stricter discipline.

But, Is technological discipline achievable?

Can you go for a day without your phone?

3 thoughts on “Technology

  1. I don’t fear AI, my phone is a robot that in talk to, it’s just makes work easy, we shall figure it out, our jobs are safe

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    1. It’s interesting how you say our jobs are safe because ATMs are robots in a way and many tellers have already lost jobs. Companies will thing more of saving costs and maximising profits. Can we stop them in the name of Humanity?

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      1. But those ATMs need to be maintained, each one has camera that is manned by a human, the money is put in by a group of people, we just have to train in the line with AI.

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