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Everyday apps

Technology has made our life easy in so many ways. In this article I share five applications that are so handy I can’t spend a day without using them in my phone.

Jango Radio

This is a streaming radio. You create your own radio station. All you have to do is type the name of one artist in your preferred genre. Django will start a playlist of your artist mixing him with other artist in the same genre making this app one to use if you intend to discover new music and artist. I love listening to Avicii, Django helped me to discover many other electro or tropical house artists such as Kygo, Calvin Harris and Martin Garris. Download Android/ IOS


This is my photo editing app. It has many tutorials which if mastered can help anyone to edit photos into a professional look. User-friendly photo editing tool for bloggers and Instagramers. Download Android/ IOS

All Events In City.

This app helps me to keep track of events of interest in my city or close to cities. On all events, you select your city then choose events you are interested in such as workshops, festivals, meetups etc. It will then show accounts to follow that often hosts your chosen events. Every day it notifies you of upcoming events. Download Android / IOS

You Bible

I was so happy to discover this Bible app for it was after a long time of search and trial. This app comes with different versions, I prefer the CEB version for its simple English. On this app, I get to follow Bible reading plans pursuing a different theme weekly. I also get to connect with friends so we can do Bible studies together. Download for Android / IOS


This is the only social app I can’t do without. Twitter my source of news in real time, my social media and my place of networking. I have connected with amazing people, most whom you would have no access to offline. Download for Android / IOS

There are many other apps I find handy. Check out this article I did on afrobloggers for applications that are helpful to bloggers.

We are different, we have different interests and careers, which apps do you find handy in your life?

11 thoughts on “Everyday apps

      1. Its a cool app. I discovered it when I got a Lenovo Tab 10 gift from a close friend. I have been so happy since. It streams even the Billboard hot 100!


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