Why do I blog?

There are very few things in this world that excite me the way blogging does. Even now I am smiling.

Blogging is hard work. It requires a lot of discipline, commitment and time. Despite all these seemingly discouraging traits, blogging is a rewarding habit that I would encourage everyone to try. Here is why I feel this way:

  1. Blogging is self-interrogation. It is impossible to successfully blog about things you haven’t thought much about. The process of coming up with a blog post will question your ethics, identity and everyday values.
  2. Blogging is the best way to find a listening ear. In a world where everyone is spending so much time either at work or on their phone blogging gives you access to people you would never have time with.
  3. If you desire to build a brand for yourself, blogging is a necessary part of the whole process. So many people are spending time online, blogging increases your visibility to employers, customers, and potential collaborations.
  4. When you have built a brand you can cash in on the image. Blogging can, directly and indirectly, make you money. Directly through ads and online selling of services and products. Indirectly by getting you hired to speak at events, facilitate workshops, consulting or being made into a brand ambassador.
  5. Blogging is also cathartic. There is healing in opening up. There is healing in social networking. Through blogging, you meet new people with similar experiences that will encourage and uplift you.
  6. Blogging helps with coherent thinking which leads to improved ability to express yourself clearly when communicating.

There are so many reasons why everyone should try blogging. Personally, I blog so that others can learn from my life experiences. It is my hope that everyone who interacts with me through this site will at least find beneficial resonances.

I also benefit a lot from your feedback. What has blogging done for you?

8 thoughts on “Why do I blog?

  1. Blogging has become my home. I feel safe. The reasons why I started is because I wanted to share my stories and inspire someone. I was really scared when i posted my first two posts but now im confident and im happy i started blogging:)

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  2. I started blogging as an escape from a hectic job, so I would rant about my work challenges which led me to find passion in writing and I realised even after leaving that job that I loved it. I blog to share knowledge about topics that I am well exposed to and also to unpack my cluttered brain.

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