3 things I would do for no pay

See how the flowers of the field grow.

Matthew 6 V 28

The first time I felt I could do something effortlessly forever was when I learned to play chess. I was still in primary school. I could play uncountable games in a day ( A single game of chess can stretch beyond the duration of two football matches each with extra time) I never got tired. I still feel the same today. Though these days I may run away to save face if I meet a tough opponent.

I am fascinated by blogging. I can talk about all things blogging for no money at all. Blogging is land upon which many minds are growing into great things. Blogging is a necessary part of the storytelling ecosystem. It is an enabler and I feel like a Gardner so in love with watering this soil.

I also love reading the Holy book. The words written in the book have been my comfort, my hope and my wisdom. I have gotten through many situations where I could have lapsed into depression. Matthew 6 V 25- 28 has been my sustenance.

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