Oden Bruce

What does my dream life look like?

I thought this would be an easier post.

In my dream life I do not want to change the family I was born into, except this time my parents have enough money to afford the 8 of us a decent life.

I go through school without anyone feeling pity for me because this time I can afford all the required paraphernalia. Both of my parents live to see me become the man they are so proud of. Before their time is up we have made enough memories I wont need to strain to describe a thing or two about my mother to anyone.

In my dream life, I am not hopping from one relative to the other, feeling guilty of overburdening their budget.

This would have been my life if someone had asked me to design what I wanted before I was even born.

No one asked me. I was born and raised into what I am now. So many things have shaped me, above all I see the hand of God. I am grateful. There was a time I yearned for a dream life of a decent job, a six-figure bank balance, wife and kids riding in our car to wherever the road and FOMO could take us. Yeh, there was a time I cared so much about conforming to the dictates of the world around me.

I am my own man now, confident of my own choices. My dream life is all about what gives me peace and content. My dream life is something Drake captured so well in the video of his song God’s plan . I want to have enough money so I can change someone’s life every day.

My dream life is full of a million smiles.


In my dream life, I am a humble man with enough possessions to help people anonymously.

This dream is not too far…

God willing someday I will make you smile, unfortunately, you may never know it was me. But when that happens remember to give all the Glory to Jehovah God.

Drake God’s Plan

6 thoughts on “What does my dream life look like?

  1. Adulting changes everything, what you felt was important just becomes vanity…. It just makes my heart smile that more and more people are opening their eyes to their Truth of what trully matters and makes them happy.

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    1. Thank you for taking time to read about my dream life. Family are the close people God gave us, for reasons best known to The Almighty, perhaps our part is to create the best out of what we have.

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    1. Influencing others is a great calling. It is a blessing installed into us. I read about your dream and indeed we are walking in the same path. Thank you for reading and commenting sharing your experience.


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