Afrobloggers Winter Challenge

A birthday commitment

I am growing old. My hour glass is perhaps filled with sand in both ends by now. What do I want people to remember about me?

A lot of people will say I was a good man. As they often do when someone dies. They will dig deep and narrate if not fabricate good things as if a righteous eulogy will gain me passage into eternal life. I will live people to be people.

While I live I have the chance to set the tone of my life, my network, my influence and my happiness. As I celebrate my birthday I take the time to think about who I want people to see when they look at me.

I want people to remember me for helping them with something. I want them to remember how I made them feel good and invincible.

It is such a desire that puts me on the path of helping African Bloggers all over the world. With words of encouragement, and criticism from a good place in my heart, I hope to influence someone to be something bigger than they ever believed they could be.

If at the end of my life someone sits down to write saying because of him I became this, I will say mine was a life well lived.

This post is meant to introduce you to the biggest of challenges I have yet faced since I became a blogger. I am joining many African Bloggers in creating 30 blog posts for the 30 days of June 2019. You may get a preview of what I will be writing about in the next 30days from this post on Afrobloggers.

I want you to help me achieve this. I will write a lot of things you may not agree with but in the end we must appreciate that each story is a different worldview on its own.

Today being my birthday I get to choose a soundtrack for the next year of my movie life story. I will go through life like a giant, hop on my shoulders and tell me you see yourself better.

I will leave you listening to Giant by Calvin Harris featuring Rag ‘n’ Bone Man

Calvin Harris ft Rag n Bone~ Giant

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