Why I stopped reading self-development books

At one point my laptop had hoards of self development books, my kindle was a haven of the same but my state of mind was a continuous buzz of ideas I was never implementing. I had to find out why.

I wondered why I was failing to become rich despite reading Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow rich twice, cover to cover. I introspected and realised the following things

  1. Most self development books did not apply to my environment. I had read lots of the most popular books but none resonated with my world. In a third world country it is difficult to dream of a four hour week by Tim Ferris. In most of the books the money they say they had in their account when they decided to strike it out alone is always so huge it would take me a decade of working more than one job to have it.
  2. The books were contradictory. I read a book that encouraged me not to put all my eggs in one basket. I began to spread my resources until I stumbled upon The one thing by Gary Keller a book that says put all your eggs in one basket and watch that one basket!
  3. Anyone with an opinion can publish a self development book. I was disappointed when I met a friend from high school who was now walking around calling himself a life coach. What life had he experienced in his less than 30years of existence to coach others? That was not the worst part, he had authored two self development books. Not to discredit my friend but the experience opened my mind about these books. It’s a game of making money by selling a book of how to make money!
  4. Most self development books are deliberately misleading. Being motivational they focus on things that will uplift your soul whilst ignoring things that matter. They will tell you how Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg dropped out of school to pursue dreams but downplay that these two dropped out of Harvard! When they tell you about Strive Masiyiwa they don’t focus on how incredible it was that he had access to the best lawyers and investment bankers in the country.
  5. Self development books are time wasters. Like a drug they take you into a state of awesomeness but you can easily look like a fool. These are the books that tell you to dress the part, act and walk like a whole CEO when you are leaving on less than a dollar a day.
  6. Many pastors are using these books to deceive people I laugh when people in churches are told to touch the car of their dreams and claim it. Isn’t that what Napoleon Hill called autosuggestion to the subconscious mind. Many pastors, if you take away the Bible are just but motivational speakers. They are a scum stealing from the poor by telling them what they want to hear. Pastors took a whole leaf from authors of self development books.

These were my own observations but they were enough to cause me to look for another type of books. These days I do more than when I used to read these books. Of course we have different experiences what did not work for me might work for you.

Share with me your experiences from reading these best sellers in the comments below.

12 thoughts on “Why I stopped reading self-development books

  1. Laughed so hard, just remembered a tweet i recently saw that said ” my friend wrote a book about how to make money, now he is looking for money to publish it”, a reply to the tweet said ” tell your friend to read his book”… LOL

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    1. Hahaha people got no chill. I have to admit there are some good books that can redefine your life but most are scams by people just trying to make money.

      Thank you Wendy for sharing with me.

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  2. If you think about it, they all say the same thing. In different words. The words sound better using an analogy of an egg more than a stone like in that book.

    Everyone should read a self help book. Once is enough to know, if the book helps you help yourself, then it was not self-help that helped you.

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  3. I agree! I stopped reading those type of self development books and have instead began reading self development that are more autobiographical in nature such as Shonda Rhimes, Year or Yes or Mark Manson, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F***. These are also self-development books but much more relatable I find.

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    1. I am also reading autobiography, at least they do not sell as motivational but you learn from the experiences being shared. I have also taken to reading books that develop my skills e.g critical thinking . Thank you for sharing with me.

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