The TED talk that changed my life

I loved drawing I thought I would grow up to be the next Picasso. When I discovered chess, I studied for hours every day aiming to become a grandmaster!

At some point, all I wanted was establishing a Non-Profit Organisation, but months down the line, I had an equal zeal for a profit-making business, completely abandoning the idea of a Non Profit making.

I hold in contempt for the idea of being a specialist. Not taking anything away from those who desire a Masters Degree and Ph.D. I have always found myself yearning for a variety of degrees, from Accounting to Law and maybe Graphic Designing.

This display of quick discontent and marauding curiosity had me worried I could be a drifting failure. I thought I exhibited traits of someone who was afraid of commitment. I was everywhere yet not really anywhere!

Thanx to the TED talk I recently watched, I got my Eureka moment. I am now at ease. I hope it will help you too before its too late. Watch below:

Why some of us don’t have one true calling: Emilie Wapnick

Food for thought: Are you a multipotentialite or a specialist?

Image credit/ ConnectHubs

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