A Million Dollar Question And A Blank Mind

If Jeff Bezos walked into your office and offered you a million dollars to launch your best entrepreneurial idea, what would it be?

The above question appears on many internet articles as one of the odd questions ever asked in an Interview. My interest was merely on how it lured me to put my thinking cap on. I realised I did not have a ready and solid idea I could pitch for a million dollars. Poor me!

So surprising for a guy staying in a country where everyone is selling something. Every young person I have met in Zimbabwe is wondering about how to make money.

What shall we do to make money? All of a sudden everyone wants to be an entrepreneur in my country! Can we blame them? Unemployment is so high, statisticians have stopped tracking the percentage.

The saddest thing is many young people are falling into the trap of getting rich quick pyramid schemes. They are soon duped of their hard earned cash.

So it was refreshing last evening when I visited Impact Hub Harare and witnessed The Founders Live Volume 3 pitching contest. This is an event where 5 founders pitch their business ideas for 99seconds each. The audience decides who the winner is. Whoever wins walks away with an incubation deal from the Hub and many other rewards.

It was refreshing noticing that there are young people who are crafting great sustainable ideas not only to make money but to solve community problems too. The winner last evening was the duo behind Beezoo.Inc

Beezoo is an online library set to be a solution to hustles of printing and marketing books by authors. You can rent or buy a book and not worry about it depreciating into tatters since it can come in pdf format.

I loved what happens at Impact Hub Harare and I am going to frequent the place, maybe I will see you pitching at the next Founders Live. Meanwhile, let me find an answer for the million dollar question! 

What shall we do to make money?

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