When I give you my CV

You might not know it but home does not feel like home anymore. Waking up feels like a crime, and I dread the break of dawn. I am forever reminded that I am unemployed.

Simple things like watching television make me feel guilty. I feel like I am to blame even when mealie meal gets used up. I feel bad for not being able to help.

Most people suffer accusations of not trying hard enough….

When I live my CV with you, I am hoping to finally repay with gratitude those who sacrificed their time and money to see me through to this age.

When I give you my CV, I am hoping to finally belong with others. To wake up and go the same direction with them and to return proudly in the evening, like them.

I once gave my uncle one of my CVs, I found it among his trash when I visited three months later. I am trying, a few friends seem to understand but some still call me lazy.

A number of people suffer from depression because of unemployment

I am not only looking for a job, I am also looking for redemption. I am searching for myself because I feel lost, depressed and irrelevant.

I am hoping yours is my last stop in a long time of knocking and asking . I am tired of being denied.

I wrote this piece trying to capture what people without jobs go through. Does it resonate with you? Do you have an experience to share ? Leave something in the comment box.

5 thoughts on “When I give you my CV

    1. Working from home is something I aspire to. Unfortunately the reality in my Country is a lot of graduates are without jobs….working from home in our economy is unthinkable.

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      1. That sucks U can’t just bust out of college with a career. I think it’s partially a global phenomenon. Well, with the internet maybe you can make things possible. It isn’t an option for most people here to stay home fulltime either. I happen to be pretty fortunate. Married with only one child. Our overhead is low.

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