Why do I write

Writing is living twice, you live the experience, writing immortalises the lessons.

I do not regret all the words I have written, perhaps my only regret would be after being read ,my words fail to change someone’s life. I write to send my words in search of a home in someone’s heart.

I write because I want to make life easier for young people. I know how it feels to be young, unexposed and clueless. It is degrading and humiliating.

I could not help but notice how today’s society is killing the reading culture in young people. There is so much pressure about academic grades. Young people hardly have time to read anything else unrelated to their chosen career paths.

Social media has made the situation worse. Life has boiled down to chasing trends and hashtags. Young people no longer read to equip themselves, they are only interested in what gets them retweets and likes from people they do not know.

I am a marvel to many people, I seem to know something about every topic. The secret has been a consistent reading culture. I read to enhance my knowledge, so that I can be able to hold a conversation with anyone, at any given time, on any particular subject.

I write to spark a light in someone’s mind

I have had a lifetime of dipping my toes in various books, from business to philosophy, music, art, history and science. I have read about revolutions with the same avid interest I have had for poetry. It has been so rewarding. Reading has boosted my confidence, I am hardly intimidated when I meet new people, I know I can always find something to comfortably converse on. 

I write to inspire young people to explore life. I hope someone will read the stories I share and have a life shifting moment. I want young people to be knowledgeable on matters that concern their lives , dreams and welfare.

I write to live twice.

2 thoughts on “Why do I write

    1. The second of my life is immortal . Forever is so fine with me too. I am glad you popped by, see how our discussion is taking roots and materialising. I couldn’t let the wisdom you shared with me go to waste. Thank you Beaton.

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