Respect Musiyiwa : Social Entrepreneur

When stories of pursuing dreams and passions are told Respect Musiyiwa’s story will arguably make the list and serve as an inspiring elixir to the coming generations of African young people

Respect Musiyiwa is a college dropout. After the death of his parents to the Aids pandemic Respect did not have enough resources to see him through the four years of University life.

Respect felt dejected having failed to further his education. He however chose not to settle, together with a group of friends he began to do something for the community. He founded a youth organization called Youth Network (Y.Net). The organisation brought together youths of his community so they could tackle local problems. Y.Net did not survive as it prematurely succumbed when Zimbabwe’s politicians mistook it for a political party.

Respect did not give up,taking lessons from the blow he founded Youth Initiative Against Marginalization (YIAM). With this new organization he was able to undertake many projects. He went around village wards of his local province training youths and women on mushroom farming to eradicate poverty, malnutrition and lack of employment.

With practical experience gained, Respect saw the necessity of moving from a mere CBO to a more improved organisation which would have national impact. He founded Centre For Agro Entrepreneurship and Sustained Livelihoods (CASL) which he registered as a Trust in 2013.

CASL has been rewarding to Respect’s resilience. Through CASL he has partnered with bigger organisation such as UNDP, FAC, YETT, BOOST FELLOWSHIP among other notables.

Pursuing your passion is rewarding. When your passion becomes your life, great things will surely follow.

Respect Musiyiwa

Respect is currently studying at Earth University in Costa Rica under a Mastercard Scholarship that he earned through his work with CASL. The Trust has had a great impact not only in his life but also on his community. The Trust trains youths to become Agricultural Entrepreneurs.

Casl Trust won the sole rights to host Zimbabwe’s Future Agro Challenge in 2017. In 2018 Respect’s organisation was awarded the GIHUB Green Innovator facility for harnessing solar energy for agricultural food processing.

Respect Musiyiwa dreams of a future where young people aren’t afraid of coming up with solutions for their local communities and implementing new ideas for a better Africa.

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