My Testimony

Without a college degree, professional qualification nor a single connection, in a country where you need either of these to make it or get a job,God took a special interest and helped me to secure a stable and decent job. This is my story…

I lost my mother sometime in 1999 and my father followed in 2003. With this loss also came the loss of my financial muscle to make it to University let alone finishing my High school.I hoped from one relative to another till I completed my A Levels.

The period that followed was the hardest in my life.Even though I was now staying with my brother that did not lighten my situation. I mean how do you make yourself useful after everyone has left and gone to work?How do you receive a plate of food ,chew it and have it digest in your system when you know you did not help in any way. I took up teaching classes at a nearby High School during the day and by night I worked as a security guard for a brick company just outside Harare. All in a bid to lighten up the load I had become on my brother’s shoulders.

Over 20000 graduates are released from universities every year, to compete for the few jobs that can be found in a country where unemployment is rumoured to be above 70%. You can imagine how difficult it was to even dream of competing for a decent job. I had no qualification to think of! With nothing but hope and faith in God I distributed my “skeletal” curriculum vitae to different companies. I searched the streets whenever I had a chance, looking for anything that could pay enough to sustain me.

I am a testimony God answers prayer

I prayed to God every night and day.I promised him that if he could give me a decent job I would learn sign language and preach to the deaf. I stand to testify that God answers prayer.

When I least expected it I was called for an aptitude test at a very reputable company. We went in two groups of twenties. I remember failing to answer questions with marks totalling twenty-five yet one had to score 75% to make it into the interview. I passed with exactly 75%! Eleven of us made it into the interviews and of the eleven I was the only one from my group and the only one without an undergraduate degree. I went on to pass the interviews and landed my dream job.

I later realised when I was posted to a country branch that God indeed works in mysterious ways. The congregation there already had sign language tutorials in progress. I am progressing well in learning sign language so that I can preach to the deaf, at the same time pursuing my Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Qualification.

When I reflect on all this I cant help but feel like Hannah when she proclaimed in 1 Samuel 2:2

There is no one holy like Jehovah;there is no one besides you ;There is no rock like our God.

6 thoughts on “My Testimony

    1. When I read your post to graduate, I really understood what you were trying to do. Being unemployed is the most difficult period in any one life. But God can sustain you through it all, for His plans are always better and greater!

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  1. Dear Oden,
    Thank you for sharing vulnerably.
    God does answer prayers.
    How are you doing with the sign language learning? Are you preaching already? I guess you are making progress with the pursuit of your Accounting qualification.
    All the best.

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